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SpectraPoint HIV

SpectraPoint HIV is a light scattering-based device to assess the antiviral resistance profile of HIV infected blood cells. The test can be conducted at a far lower cost than genotyping or phenotyping and is suitable for resource-limited settings.


SpectraPoint Plasmo (also known as PlasmoDetect) is an optical system that can determine if a person is infected with plasmodium sp. The system does not require a microscope and can be used in the field.


An in-lin test to monitor raw milk. Now undergoing commercialization at SomaDetect.com


SpectraPoint CellRes is among the fastest oxidative stress assays to monitor nutritional status and health prediction. It can be used on mammals and can be a powerful tool to predict athletic performance.

Technical Services

SDC offers technical services such as optical instrumentation prototyping, optical design, and patent advice.

Optical Design/Sales

SDC prototypes instrumentation for various optical application is a reseller of lasers and optical components.